Our Leadership:

Principled. Inspirational. Aspirational. Attainable.


“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.” – John Maxwell

At Benton House you will find leaders all over our organization, regardless of role. Leaders are not bound by title but measured on influence. And those called to lead in our organization understand the price to lead is a willingness to serve those they support. First and foremost, they must possess a strong desire to ethically and honestly respect, recognize and develop those team members in their care.

It’s this philosophy that has driven some of the highest tenure and satisfaction numbers in our industry. Department leaders average over four years’ service, Executive Directors over five. And satisfaction scores are above 90% across all major trust indexes.

As important, our team has a strong affinity for the people who lead in our company. This is represented not just in our high scores with our A Great Place to Work surveys, but also the hundreds of comments we receive annually. Family is a word that can be a cliché, but in our company it is genuine.

award winning senior living

Want to know what it is like as a member of the Benton House family? Click the box below to see the hundreds and hundreds of comments from our team’s two most recent year’s Great Place to Work surveys. If you find our culture appealing–Join us and help it grow.

Key Leadership Roles

  • Shift Leader
  • Activity Director
  • Food Service Director
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Community Relations Director
  • Executive Director
    • Executive Care Council Member
    • Memory Care Coordinator
    • Maintenance Director
    • Canfield Trainer
    • Resident Service Director
    • Regional Director

      Committed to Continued Growth and Advancement

      Ongoing leadership and personal development opportunities are foundational to serving our team. We believe our company growth is ultimately in proportion to our team growth. As such we regularly invite highly-respected, and nationally recognized, speakers to present to our team. Here are a few of our more recent keynote speakers.

      Death Benefits for Veteran's Surviving Spouses

      2021 Event with Cara Siletto

      Speaker: Cara Siletto
      (Author of Staying Power)
      Presentation: Staying Power: How to Keep Employees Longer

      Death Benefits for Veteran's Surviving Spouses

      2021 Event with Mark Scharenbroich

      Speaker: Mark Scharenbroich
      (Author of Nice Bike)
      Presentation: Nice Bike: Making Connections That Move People

      Death Benefits for Veteran's Surviving Spouses

      2020 Event (virtual) with the Love Guru

      Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Fraser
      Presentation: Couples Under Pressure: How to improve your relationship during challenging times.

      Disability Pension Benefits for Veterans

      2020 Event (virtual) with comedienne Ellen Karis

      Virtual Stand-Up with “The Greek Goddess of Comedy”

      Disability Pension Benefits for Veterans

      2019 - America’s Stress Coach

      Speaker: Dr. Terry Lyles
      Presentation: Performance Under Pressure – Crack Your Personal Stress Code to Live the Life of Your Dreams

      Disability Pension Benefits for Veterans

      2018 Event with Disney Institute

      Presentation: Creating Culture

      Death Benefits for Veteran's Surviving Spouses

      2017 Event With Jack Canfield

      Speaker: Jack Canfield
      (Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series)
      Presentation: The Success Principles

      Disability Pension Benefits for Veterans

      Local Leadership and Personal Growth Opportunities

      In addition to our company-wide development curriculum we are proud to support local leadership opportunities including Chamber sponsored initiatives and other civic and professional development courses.

      Disability Pension Benefits for Veterans

      Jack Canfield Certified Success Principles Trainers

      Our company sponsors select team members each year to become certified to teach the Jack Canfield Success Principles. Once certified team members offer this course and our monthly Disney Institute-based orientation to new team members at our various communities. Trainers have also been asked to present to various Chambers of Commerce and civic groups.

      We are always looking for the best of the best!

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      The winner of the December 2022 companywide Our Power is Our People drawing for a $250 gift card to pay their power bill is Nedria Coleman of Benton House of Raymore!!! Congratulations Nedria!!!

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