Come Out and Play!




Brigade will have ongoing thursday night hit arounds at 5:30 at Avery Park until we lose the daylight.

October 12th, 2014 -Great team bbq last night, good to see the new folks out as well as the old. With all the interest in hurling we have decided to conduct monthly pick up games in the off season as well as start up weekly conditioning in November, stay tuned to the updates box for more info!

October 1st, 2014 -The date for the end of season pick up game and party has been set! Meet at Willamette park soccer fields at 5pm on Saturday October 11th for a pick up match of hurling, following the match we will commence our season end bbq and party!

September 26th, 2014 -New in town? want to get involved with the club? send us an email at

April 26th, 2014 -Benton Brigade joined forces today with the Albany Revenants at the Columbia Gorge Cup tournament in Portland. After 5 hours of battling other clubs the combined team made it to the finals. Holding the columbia red branch through the first half the team finally broke after 6 hours of hurling and the win went to CRB. None the less, an amazing amount of skill and stamina was displayed by all members of the combined team as they won a hard earned 2nd place finish and took home the Columbia Gorge Shield.

March 29th, 2014 -No subs & no rest for the weary as the dedicated hurlers of Benton Brigade took on thunderstorms as well as opponents today at lents park in Portland at the Buffalo Cup tournament. Brigade took a loss in the first match against Willamette, but quickly took control in the second against Tacoma coming away with the win. A trying day but none the less fun!

Mission Statement

The Benton Brigade Hurling Club has been established to provide members of the community a means of participation in the sport of Hurling. The club, led by its officers, will strive to promote and support the sport both in and outside of Benton County. The club will make reasonable efforts to support and help grow neighboring county/city teams. It will aim to create a fun atmosphere composed of dedicated individuals as well as casual members. Goals for the development and growth of the organization will be submitted and pursued to achievement as needed. The club will be managed by volunteer officers and will work to build a professional and organized image in the community.